Square Jawline

What Is Square Jawline?

A square jawline commonly refers to a person’s face shape where it is seen to be ‘wide’ or ‘heavy’. At Beau-Tox-Bar, we offer a range of non-surgical options for square jawline treatment.

As a facial feature, square jawline is often associated with masculinity, so some women see this as an undesirable feature to have. This condition is typically seen when the lower third of one’s face appears ‘wider’, which distorts the angle between the chin and neck alters the natural appearance of the face.

For many of our clients, a sharper jawline is often desirable, as it makes the human figure appear more youthful and vibrant.

Causes Of Square Jawline:

The causes of square jawline are usually developmental or simply because of genetics. Like any other muscle in the body, with constant movement and exercise, muscles will grow. This is why the main cause of square jawline can be attributed to actions such as constant teeth clenching and grinding (bruxism).

Common causes include;



Hormonal disorders

Poor habits such as gum chewing or fingernail biting

Dental problems (misaligned teeth)

Injuries to the facial bone (jaw fractures)

Treating Square Jawline With Botox

Don’t worry, we’re here to help – Botox can be used to treat square jawline! This treatment is perfect for individuals who are not fond of surgical methods and want to opt for a rather quick and simple treatment that causes little discomfort and pain.

To treat a square jawline, we target the masseter muscle, which is largely responsible for this condition. The masseter muscle continues to develop through repeated chewing and grinding of the teeth which ultimately leads to a bulkier jaw. With the use of Botulinum Toxin (Botox) injections directly into this muscle, we are able to prevent it from contracting so frequently. This weakens the muscle over time, resulting in a slimmer face that is more aesthetically pleasing and youthful.


The results of this procedure to notice weakness in the muscle are usually evident within two to four weeks, however facial slimming can take at least 6-8 weeks to be noticeable, as this gives the muscle time relax and reduce in size. Depending on the number of treatment units used, the results should last around four to eight months. Over time, the muscle will start contracting again and regain its strength. Therefore, scheduled injections are popular among those who want to maintain a slimmer jaw. Future sessions can be held less frequently after a number of initial treatments have been completed.

Worried about how you’re going to go back to work or consume all the delicious foods you want to eat? No need to worry.

This treatment has no downtime, so you’ll be ready to go back home or work as soon as the injection process is over. There may be minimal bruising or redness from the treatment, but your facial expressions and other muscles will continue to function as normal.

As for eating, because your other muscles still work you will continue to be able to bite and grind into food – although it may be more tiring to consume foods that are tougher and require more chewing.

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